OnRobot Soft Gripper – Flexible, Certified Food-Grade Gripper

The new certified food-grade OnRobot Soft Gripper is able to pick and handle a wide array of irregular shapes and delicate objects in food and beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals production, as well as manufacturing or packaging. The Soft Gripper picks up almost any small object up to 2.2 kg (4.85 lb) depending on shape, softness and friction of items to be handled with a delicate, precise touch.

Choose between three different silicone tools for the OnRobot Soft Gripper:

SG-a-H: Hard Skirt for general use
SG-a-S: Soft Skirt for delicate/fragile objects
SG-b-H: 4-Finger for irregular shapes
The OnRobot Soft Gripper does not come with a silicone tool, so make sure to purchase your preferred silicone tool(s) separately.


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Single Quick Changer

Quick Changer – Robot side

UR Tool Flange Connection

RG2, RG6, VG10

UR Kit with Compute Box

Gecko and Dual Quick Changer, HEX, Needed for RG2-FT


KR 12 R1810, KR 8 R2010, LBR iiwa 14 R820, LBR iiwa 7 R800


KR 10 R1420, KR 10 R1420 HP, KR 10 R900 / R1100 sixx, KR 10 R9002 / R11002, KR 3 Agilus, KR 6 R1820, KR 6 R1820 HP, KR 6 R700 / R900 sixx, KR 6 R700-2 / R900-2, KR 8 R1620, KR 8 R1620 HP


CR-4iA, CR-7iA, LR Mate 200

Kawasaki Type B

RS003N, RS005L /RS005N, RS007

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RS006L, RS010N

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RS010L, RS015X, RS020N

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RS030N, RS050N, RS080N

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GP7 / GP8

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Nachi Type I

CZ10, MZ03EL, MZ07

Nachi Type J


ABB Type B

IRC5 and IRC5 compact controllers with IRB 140

ABB Type C

IRB 1410, IRB 1600​, IRC5 and IRC5 compact controllers with IRB 140